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Question? [05.03.05 ♥ 3:21 pm]

Ok, so is this a "bash AFI" community or what...I mean...I'm totally for AFI...but I also love to bash them and their 11 year old fan girls!
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Hey...I love to laugh too...you'll see why. [08.30.04 ♥ 2:22 pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Hi my name is Jenn and I'm the moderater of a club called havok_haters which is similar to this club only it makes fun of soley Davey. So here are my fugly Davey pics.

One of my friends cosmicwhiskers made this icon for me. Totally Fugly Davey, eh?

O em gee, Man In Bra aka MIB. sounds like Men In Black...well kinda.

I know this is like 10 years old but...scuse me, scuse me. He's about to totally make out with that guy.
Totally Obsessed Davey Fan: *excorcist voice* He's singing to him bitch!
Uh huh, he's singing to him and my dad is the Queen of England, my mom is a frog and I am clearly a man. *note the sarcasm*

Ok I'm shutting up now I know I'm not funny.

Love, JENN

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[08.29.04 ♥ 12:14 am]

Does Adam have his tongue pierced in the icon?

Just wondering, and it's bugging the hell out of me.
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Lalala [08.11.04 ♥ 11:09 pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hey. It's your friendly neighborhood dumbass- er, moderator- just here to inform everyone of this !!!UBER IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION!!!:

This place finally has a layout...

...A layout which has absolutely nothing to do with AFI.

Created by Yours Truly. Yay. .__.

I think this layout'll only make sense if you've read The Little Prince before. But don't do that if you haven't because I don't want it to make sense. 'Kay?


It's a thing of beauty, all right.

Anyway, off I go.

Edit: I added a new rule to the info page regarding community promotions. READ IT, BITCHES.

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I want a mohawk but mom wont let me get one... [08.11.04 ♥ 6:58 pm]

[ mood | okay ]

These pictures are the majority of the reasons why I love AFI...

(All apologies if these have been posted here before..Im kinda new :X)

Do I look like a fcking squirrel to you?!Collapse )

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[08.02.04 ♥ 4:25 pm]


People need to update this communtiy more.


Leik, pictures.Collapse )

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[07.14.04 ♥ 4:11 am]

these pictures have amused me much. i didn't know whether to laugh or cry when looking at some of the davey ones. you guys accomplished your goal.. i definitely wondered why in the hell i liked AFI when i looked at these..
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[05.30.04 ♥ 11:23 am]


Join Now!..Please xD
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[05.26.04 ♥ 11:47 am]


More people need to update, yo.


peekture showCollapse )

Look at my icon...it appears Hunter enjoys Arm of Adam.

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[05.19.04 ♥ 11:18 pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

have these been shown yet?

...Collapse )

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[04.24.04 ♥ 11:43 am]


if any of these have already been posted...oh well.Collapse )

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#1 Boredom Killer. [02.29.04 ♥ 3:48 am]

[ mood | awake ]

I've been a-hunting for Afee pics tonight (err...this morning?), and this is now where my boredom leads me.

pt. 1Collapse )

Wasn't that amazing?

pt. 2Collapse )


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Ferd's First Post. Gr00p hUgg~~~! [02.23.04 ♥ 2:31 am]

Ok, so some of these pics aren't as stupid as they could be. Love them anyway, bitch, for I'm up at 2:26 AM right now just to post them.

Yay?Collapse )

...I better get some sleep. u_u
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yaaaaaay [02.21.04 ♥ 12:03 am]

[ mood | amused ]

This community is the awesomeness! In celebration of my . . . community-joining, I present you with a picture of AFI doing what they do best . . . RAWKING OUT!!!!!11one

behold.Collapse )


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