Social Distortion (milieus) wrote in adumbassinside,
Social Distortion

People need to update this communtiy more.


Hunter, too, can bring the color-coordination. Suck that, Davey!

"Does no one want to play with my Sno-Cone?"

"Yes...Jade enjoys my abnormally long fingers."

I don't think I need to say anything.

Davey was a monkey in a past life.


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Haha, those are great.

You know? trampslikeus and I started this community because we were, at the time, consistantly bombarding each other with stupid AFI pictures, and I can say with all sincerity that I'm truly ashamed at how little we've posted here.

We should remedy that...I'll poke her incessantly over the topic at a later time.
I'll have you know that the comment on that last picture made my sister and I erput into uncontrollable giggles. well. Me anyway. She just kind of asked if I was okay. and laughed.
That's totally understandable.