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Hey...I love to laugh'll see why.

Hi my name is Jenn and I'm the moderater of a club called havok_haters which is similar to this club only it makes fun of soley Davey. So here are my fugly Davey pics.

One of my friends cosmicwhiskers made this icon for me. Totally Fugly Davey, eh?

O em gee, Man In Bra aka MIB. sounds like Men In Black...well kinda.

I know this is like 10 years old but...scuse me, scuse me. He's about to totally make out with that guy.
Totally Obsessed Davey Fan: *excorcist voice* He's singing to him bitch!
Uh huh, he's singing to him and my dad is the Queen of England, my mom is a frog and I am clearly a man. *note the sarcasm*

Ok I'm shutting up now I know I'm not funny.

Love, JENN
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